Frequently Asked Questions

Below you should find the answers to many of the questions you may have regarding the Cape Rouleur.

How do I enter 2017?

Entry to the Cape Rouleur 2017 will open on 16 March 2016 at 2pm (GMT).  Payment can be made in instalments or made in full.  Entries can only be performed online.

"Official Finisher" Status

To be classified as an "Official Finisher" you will need to ride the entire event in one of the seeded groups. Exceptions are made where you may be receiving mechanical or medical attention in a support vehicle.

You will not be classified as an Official Finisher if:

  • You have to withdraw due to injury or illness or irrepariably breaking your bike
  • You take a "ride" in a support vehicle
  • You don't ride in your seeded group
  • You are DQ'd for failure to adhere to ride rules

What are the dates of the event?

  • Sign On & Rider Briefing - 5 March 2017
  • Prologue - 5 March 2017
  • Stage 1 - 6 March 2017
  • Stage 2 - 7 March 2017
  • Stage 3 - 8 March 2017
  • Festival Ride - 9 March 2017
  • Cape Town Cycle Tour - 12 March 2017

What is included in the entry?

Included in your entry fee is:

  • Rolling road closures
  • Mechanics and technical support
  • Paramedic and ambulance support
  • Motorbike outriders and lead cars
  • Timing and rider race number
  • Professional support crew
  • Airport shuttle for rider, partner and bike to Franschhoek, at set times (excluding Basic Entry package) or
  • Transportation from central Cape Town for rider, partner and bike to Franschhoek, at set time (excluding Basic Entry package)
  • Accommodation (excluding Basic Entry package) from Sunday 5 March to Thursday 9 March (4 nights)
  • Celebration Braai & Presentation
  • Celebration drinks & nibbles on arrival to Cape Town after Festival Ride
  • Digital photos and film
  • Event t-shirt for all riders

Arrival, Sign On, Rider Briefing & Prologue - Sunday 5 March

  • Airport shuttle for rider, partner and bike to Franschhoek (at set times)
  • Event t-shirt
  • Timing Chip
  • Rider Numbers and Musette
  • Overnight hotel/guest house accommodation (excluding Basic Entry options)

Stage 1 - Monday 6 March

  • Breakfast (excluding Basic Entry options)
  • Lunch
  • Overnight hotel/guest house accommodation (excluding Basic Entry options)

Stage 2 - Tuesday 7 March

  • Breakfast (excluding Basic Entry options)
  • Lunch
  • Overnight hotel/guest house accommodation (excluding Basic Entry options)

Stage 3 - Wednesday 8 March

  • Breakfast (excluding Basic Entry options)
  • Lunch
  • Finishers Medal
  • Celebration Braai & Presentation
  • Overnight hotel/guest house accommodation (excluding Basic Entry options)

Festival Ride - Thursday 9 March

  • Breakfast (excluding Basic Entry options)
  • Lunch
  • Champagne & canapés on arrival to Cape Town

Not included in your entry:

  • Flights
  • Dinner, other than Celebration Braai
  • Alcohol and drinks
  • Components, spare parts
  • Massages
  • Travel insurance

What are the accommodation options?

Click here for the entry and accommodation options.

There are accommodation options ranging from 5 Star Hotel Spa to 4 Star Guest Houses in Franschhoek, all in close proximity to the Start/Finish Village.  Your entry can be for a single room (limited in number), sharing with another rider and we also have an option for you to bring along a non riding partner.

There is an option to enter without accommodation and airport/city transfers, but be included at the Celebration Braai and Festival Ride with finish line hospitality in Cape Town. 

What am I letting myself into?

This is a multi stage event requiring a high level of fitness. A pro style event with full professional support and rolling road closures, it is the closest you can get to riding one of the Grand Tours. The HotChillee Global Series of events does however have a great deal of camaraderie. The combination of having flagged race sections and tempo peloton riding imbetween has developed a massive following in Europe. The final day (Thursday) is a Festival Ride back to Cape Town, but still has rolling road closures and a wonderful social atmosphere. 

What if I don't know anyone else riding?

HotChillee has a wonderful social network. You will meet many new friends, business contacts, ride partners and all will share your passion for cycling. There are no barriers to mixing and interacting. To make it simple for all - just be the first to greet and introduce yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Can my non participating partner come too?

We offer a number of accommodation options which cater for a rider and their non riding partner.  There is plenty to do in and around Cape Town, for detailed information please click here.  Franschhoek itself has a variety of beautiful boutiques, galleries, restaurants and vineyards to explore. It is known as the heart of gastronomy and wine in the country. For some ideas of what else to do whilst visiting Franschhoek please click here.

What is the closest airport?

Cape Town. We will have a bus system at pre-arranged times from the airport to Franschhoek on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March. This includes the transfer of your bicycles, luggage and any non riding partners.

What are the times of the airport transfers? 

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March

  • Bus 1 departs from Cape Town airport to Franschhoek at TBC
  • Bus 2 departs from Cape Town airport to Franschheok at TBC

How can I book accommodation after the event so I can ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour?

To assist you with your accommodation needs from Thursday 9 March we recommend Accolade Travel  To contact them please email Carla Napoli at or call on +27 (0) 83 275 3066.

What kind of bike may I ride?

The event is restricted to roadworthy road bicycles only. If you are in any doubt then contact the organisers whose decision is final. The ride takes place on tarred or cobbled roads.

Note that no bicycle is permitted to have unconventional handlebars including triathlon bars, aero bars, clip-ons, prayer bars, and cow bars.

Can I hire a bike in SA?

The demand for renting bicycles in Cape Town at this time will be very high due to the Cape Town Cycle Tour, so if you are interested in this option we suggest you book quickly. We recommend Franschhoek Cycle s, tel: +27 (0) 21 876 4956

May I ride for a charity?

Yes, many riders raise money for their chosen charity. Our charity partners can be found at

Who can enter?

Anyone 18 years or older on Sunday 28 February, 2016 may enter. If you are in doubt as to your fitness then you must have a medical check-up first.

What Insurance guidelines do you have?

We ask that all riders take out travel insurance and recommend our Insurance Partner ProCycle Insurance.  Travel Insurance and/or Medical Aid details must be added to your Waiver document and presented at Sign On.

What happens if I need to cancel my entry?

If for any reason you need to cancel your entry you are able to nominate a substitute for your place and we will refund your entry less a £?200 administration fee for a completed substitution. You are able to substitute your place up to 31 days prior to the event Sign On date. If you elect not to substitute your place but still wish to cancel you will receive the following refund

17 Weeks + before the start:  66% of the full entry fee

13-16 weeks before the start:  33% of the full entry fee

0-12 weeks before the start:  0% of the full entry fee

When and where does Sign On take place?

Sign On will take place on Sunday 5 March at the Cape Rouleur Rider HQ - address TBC

When and where does the rider Briefing take place?
The Rider Briefing will take place at 17:00 on Sunday 5 March from the Cape Rouleur Rider HQ, address TBC

When and what is the Prologue?

A Prologue will take place after the Rider Briefing from the Cape Rouleur Rider HQ. This will be a short out and back time trial from Franshhoek over rolling terrain. All riders will be timed and based on your time you will be seeded into one of three groups.

Will my group change?

The decision to move riders from one group to another during the event is at the sole discretion of the Commissaire and Ride Captains. If it is found that your ability greatly exceeds your group and you will be moved to a faster group. Of course the reverse is true as well.

What are the average speeds?

There will be a minimum of three groups based on both ability and experience.

  • Group 1: Rolling course average speed 29km/h+ for 120km
  • Group 2: Average speed 27-28km/h for a rolling 120km
  • Group 3: Average speed 25-26km/h for a rolling 120km

By rolling course we mean tarred roads with hills, not mountains.

Where do I store my bike and bike box?

Your bikes should be stored at your hotel or guest house. Empty bike boxes should be left at the Rider Briefing on Sunday 5 March and they will be taken by DHL and stored securely in a warehouse. Bike Boxes will be returned to you at the finish location in Cape Town on Thursday 9 March.

How will my luggage and bike box be repatriated to me in Cape Town?

Any luggage will be transported from Franschhoek back to the finish location on Thursday 9 March. Your empty bike boxes will also be returned to you at the finish venue. If you have a non-participating partner with you on the event we will bring them back to the finish in Cape Town to greet you.

Event Format

The Cape Rouleur is a multi stage endurance road cycling event consisting of flagged race sections with tempo riding between. Riders are seeded based on their times for the prologue, so that they end up riding in seeded groups of commensurate ability. The format allows for ample racing in the race groups, social tempo riding and interaction between the flagged sections with the "Ride" level groups more focused on completing the endurance nature of the event.

The flagged race sections cover sprinting, climbing and over all time (general classification).

Flagged Sections

The key sections are:

Urban TT - this is a prologue style TT to rank you and your fellow riders so that you can be placed in the appropriately seeded group. You are timed over the full course with your time counting towards your GC. Times will also count towards the best team award. The best male and female rider will then wear the GC yellow jersey. The Urban TT has riders setting off in small groups. Drafting is not permitted. Slower ranked riders start first with pros last. Hence Urban TT as it allows a for quicker more dynamic and exciting event.

Climbing - Red climb flags denoting the start and finish of the climb. Points
are awarded in Group 1 for the top 5 riders on the climb, with points being higher for more difficult climbs. A green HotChillee flag is placed 1km from the top of the climb.

Sprints - Green sprint flags at start and finish of the sprint. The flags are generally 1km apart. The peloton will generally speed up as it gets closer to the initial green flag. There is no timing but points are awarded for the first 5 riders to cross the second green flag. Points are awarded equally across all the sprints.

General Classification - Yellow flag at start and finish of the GC section. There is a HotChillee green flag with 1km to go. Riders are timed across the yellow flags with the first rider crossing the first flag setting off the clock. The times for your Yellow GC sections are added together to provide you overall GC Ranking. Your prologue time counts to your GC time and the male and female yellow GC Leader's jersey.

Points Details

Sprint points - points are the same for all green sprint sections, namely 1st 10, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 2

Climbing points are based on the category of climb

Jersey Categories and Awards

Yellow Jersey Amateur - the best amateur GC male based on prologue and yellow flagged sections (3x). Jersey and trophy award.

Yellow Jersey Pro - the best pro GC male based on prologue and yellow flagged sections (3x). Jersey and trophy award.

Yellow Jersey Amateur - the best amateur GC woman based on prologue and yellow flagged sections (3x). Jersey and trophy award.

Green Jersey Amateur - the best amateur male sprinter based on total sprint points. (3 x sections.) Jersey and trophy award.

Red Jersey Amateur - the best amateur male climber based on total climbing points. (3 x sections.) Jersey and trophy award.

Master male - best GC time for male in 40-49 years age group. Trophy award. Master female - best GC time for female 40-49 years age group. Trophy award.

Grand Master - best GC time for male in 50+ years age group. Trophy award. Grand Master female - best GC time for female 50+ years age group. Trophy award.

Best Pro Team - best pro team GC time. Based on 3 best riders aggregate times across all stages. Trophy award.

Best Amateur Team -best amateur team. Based on 3 best riders aggregate times across all stages. Trophy award.

Who manages the ride?

The ride is managed by the Commissaire and ultimately the Event Director. Any decision by the Commissaire is final.

What is the Festival Ride?

The final day (Thursday) is a fun ride back to Cape Town with rolling road closures and a great drinks reception at the finish on the waterfront. A great emotional entrance into Cape Town, with Table Mountain as a magnificent backdrop it leaves a lasting impression. With many more charity partners joining us it is great way to end off the testing previous days and get to know more people.

How can I ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour?

You can purchase an additional option of a special VIP Entry Package for the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday 6 March.  This package includes a seeded entry, VIP hospitality and gifts. This option is only available to riders of the Cape Rouleur.

What do I wear?

Helmets complying with international safety standards are compulsory for the duration of the ride. Closed cycling shoes (no fancy sandals), shorts and jerseys are also recommended for your safety.

It is recommended that you take 4 sets of cycling kit and a plastic bag for the dirty clothes! At this time of the year in Western Cape the daytime temperature is 25-35 Deg Celsuis. Bear in mind that the morning can be cooler.

Be sure to include a lightweight rain jacket - with global warming you never know! Post riding, (and evening wear) dress is casual.

What's this I've heard about rolling road closures!?

It is true there will be rolling road closures!

Personal Stereos and Headsets

For safety reasons they are not permitted whilst riding.

Musette Service

If you require items during the day please use the Musettes as provided by the service vehicle.

Cyclists must ensure that their bags are labeled with their names and addresses. Every care will be taken to ensure that the bags are safeguarded. However, cyclists are advised not to leave expensive, valuable items in their bags, as the organisers cannot take responsibility for any losses.

Lost Property

We will have a lost property box located next to the "Information" banner. Please place or retrieve lost property from here. Lost property will be kept for 1 week after the event, and thereafter donated to charity. Any postal or couriered returns will be charged for.

Do we have mechanics?

Yes we have a full mechanics service for each group. This service headed up by HotChillee's Head Mechanic Graeme Freestone-King. The service runs from fully fitted vans and thus most repairs will able to be facilitated. The service is available to deal with bike repairs/failures and problems. There will also be spare bikes and numerous spare wheels.

The "Bike Gear Hangar" finesse

When travelling we recommend that you take a spare bike gear hanger for your bike. These days there are literally thousands of variations and you many find that having a spare whilst travelling gets you out of a tricky situation!

...and what happens if I puncture?

Let's hope that you do not puncture! Please try and ensure that you are using new tyres and tubes as this greatly reduces the chance of puncture. Let the group know that you have punctured. Let your support van know that you have a puncture.

If you have lost the group, the support van will drop you off with the group again.

There may of course be a situation with loads of punctures for whatever reason. Thus be sure to carry one tube and CO2 canister at least, so that you can effect the repair yourself. We strongly recommend your bike is fully serviced before the event.

How do I pay for tubes, spares etc used?

We use a "chit" system. All you need to do is sign for the items and your credit card will be charged after the event. In order to use this service you will need to sign a form at Sign On acknowledging that you will be using this service.

Where do I keep my sun cream, wallet, and other small items?

The support van will have musettes available. These are small bags. You can keep items that you may wish to access during the day in this bag, and it will be kept in the support van. It might be useful to keep a dry top etc in the musette.

What about lunch and nutrition on route?

Each day we have a lunch stop.  Lunch is included and consists of endurance related foods. We have a very small amount of PowerBar products available to purchase at Sign On so please bring nutrition for the ride itself.

Were can I eat in the evening in Franschhoek?  

There is great variety of restaurants in Franschhoek and many get booked up in advance.

Three of Franschhoeks finest restaurants still have availability for dinner reservations during the Cape Rouleur, but you need to book asap.

Ruben's Tel: 0027 21 876 3772

Le Quartier Francais   Tel: 0027 21 876 2151

Ryan's Kitchen Tel: 0027 21 876 4598

Please contact the restaurants direct to make a booking.

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