Cape Rouleur Official Teams

We are proud to announce the official teams for this year's Cape Rouleur. Find out more about them and their motivation to ride the event.

Team Name: Oryx 1

  • Michael Guard (SA)
  • Dennis Lamminga (SA)
  • Justin Maltby (SA)
  • JP Du Plessis (SA)

Team Name: Oryx 2

  • Michael Pawlowski (Germany)
  • Natie Ferreira (SA)
  • Tobais Kaemmer (Germany)
  • Antony Turner (SA)

Oryx Stainless, the international leading company in raw materials Oryx Stainless is one of the leading companies trading in raw materials for the stainless steel production. The core task of our business activities is the handling and processing of stainless steel scrap. Oryx Stainless proves itself with the best contacts.

We offer our business partners the ideal combination of various fortes: continuity, competence and individual support on the one hand, strength in balance sheets and international affairs on the other. We stand at your side as a professional, innovative and far-sighted business partner.


Team Name: LumoHawk 1

  • Johan Moolman (SA)
  • Joel Stransky (SA)
  • Michael Whitehouse (SA)
  • Grant Williams (SA)

Team Name: LumoHawk 2

  • Grant Whiteside (UK)
  • Bruce Collins (SA)
  • Wayne Good (SA)
  • Greg Imbriolo (SA)

The LumoHawk Foundation is a small non-profit charity. Started by Joel Stransky and Robbie Nilsen the charity raises funds for underprivileged children with a focus on educational and sporting needs.

It is the belief of all involved in managing this small charity that all children should grow up inspired and with a sense of hope, and an education is an important part of this process.

The focus remains the same today. The foundation assists a number of orphanages with the educational costs of the children as well as providing training for many of the "house Moms" in order for these special ladies to be able to begin the educational process of the young children at an early age.

The Foundation also provides a few tertiary education bursaries and has assisted in one or two special needs cases. The LumoHawk Foundation also assists in buying essentials for the kids, such as mattresses, clothing, blankets and even Christmas presents, when the need arises.

Many of the children supported are AIDS orphans and in turn many, but not all, are HIV positive and are on anti-retroviral medication.

The foundation is run and managed by the directors and a couple of very special volunteers. This ensures that there are almost no administrative costs and all monies collected go directly to the worthy causes.



Team name: Qhubeka

  • Nicholas Bourne (UK)
  • Josh Hodge (Australia)
  • James Louter (SA)

At Qhubeka we believe that when we give a bicycles to people who earned them, we are not just giving them a means of transportation but the gift of hope. This is one of reasons we chose the name Qhubeka, an Nguni (Zulu, Xhosa) word that means to carry on, to progress or to move forward.

As World Bicycle Relief's programme in South Africa, we believe in giving a hand-up not a hand-out. This is why we help people progress by giving bicycles in return for work done to improve communities, the environment or academic results.


 Team name: MTN-Qhubeka Feeder Team (Pro)

  • Gustav Basson (SA)
  • Nicholas Dlamini (SA)
  • Clint Hendricks (SA)
  • Graeme Ockhuis (SA)

Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung is Africa’s most winning and largest multi-discipline pro cycle race team. The talented athletes in TeamMTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung  race to build exposure for Qhubeka’s rural initiatives and ride to inspire potential new athletes within the community of Qhubeka bike recipients.


Team Name: Cape Town Giants

  • Marco Abrahams (SA)
  • Clement Awood (SA)
  • Zahier Daniels (SA)
  • Shameeg Salie (SA)

Cape Town Giants Cycling Club promotes the amateur and professional sport of cycling, encouraging community participation at all levels using the bicycle for recreation, fitness and competition in a socially conducive environment for the enjoyment of its members.  It aims to pool the region’s strongest junior riders and present them with the best opportunity to gain exposure to the cycling world.



Team Name: Velokhaya

  • Nam Fikile (SA)
  • Mihlali Lupuwana (SA)
  • Bantu Maquba (SA)
  • Lutho Maxengwana (SA)

At Velokhaya we use cycling to involve children living in marginalised communities in a positive after-school activity, one which builds their self-esteem and keeps them off the streets and away from the social ills prevalent in their communities, such as gangsterism, crime and substance abuse.

Our aim is to use cycling to grow champions on and off the bike; this is because sport gives young children the skills and opportunities they need to make a success of their lives – skills such as commitment, determination, dedication, teamwork and how to win and lose.


Team Name: Songo

  • Kathryn Crabbe (SA)
  • Siphosenkosi Madolo (SA)
  • Azukile Simayile (SA)
  • Julia Skea (SA)

Songo is a social development program that provides sport and recreational activities to children, offering a safe place to play and grow, establishing values of accountability and responsibility, teaching goal setting and instilling in children the ability to dream and go out and achieve their goals.

Our mission is to run a consistent and sustainable sports development program providing children with opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive sporting activities while contributing to the social upliftment of the community



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